This season was so busy that we had no time at all to update the website but did do daily posts on our facebook page Whale Magic Tours. We had our best season EVER and the whales were friendlier and more playful than ever as well! The “muggings” which are when several whales surround your panga to play with you…continued this season and increased in intensity. Every trip in February and up till the last week of March, we were mugged by many whales who were very frisky and played with the pangas like toys tossing and pushing us around alot.

The mothers and calves couldn’t really approach the pangas much with all the commotion of so many frisky whales at the boats. When the mating whales finally left the lagoon the first couple weeks of March, only then could the mothers and babies get close to us for some nice mother and calf interactions.

As I predicted last season when we saw soooo much mating, there was a good increase of babies born this season. The census counted 458 mothers and babies in the lagoon and 330 solitary whales for a total of 1,246 Gray whales in the lagoon this season up from 948 total in 2022. This means that the whales are recovering from the food crisis and having more babies. This season we also observed an increase in mating so we hope 2024 yields even more calves.

2023 Season is ON!!!!

We finally have a few hundred whales in Laguna Ojo de Liebre! We only did a few trips in January as there were so few whales here but now dozens more are showing up every day and we have over 300 in the lagoon now. There are more mothers and calves than last season which is very encouraging and the moms have been starting to bring the babies over to the boat to meet us! To see videos and photos of this check out the Whale Magic Tours page on Facebook for daily updates.

We have been getting mugged by friendly whales every day this week so the contact has been fantastic as well as beautiful calm weather. The mating action is hot and heavy with mating trios everywhere!

We are filling up fast so if you want to come out and play with whales with us please make a reservation by sending an email to whalemagictours@gmail.com

We are into March now & I have been struggling with inconsistent internet in my office in Guerrero Negro so haven’t been able to update this site much…plus we have been having too much fun playing with whales every day! We have been busier than ever and already have lots of booking for 2023 so make sure you reserve for next year well in advance to get the dates you want.

March has been quite a windy month and twice so far the lagoon was closed due to high winds. The whales don’t disappoint even on our windy days! The mating has slowed down but I was surprised to capture a successful mating a few days ago!

Many whales that have already mated are leaving for the migration north to start feeding. But we still have lots of whales to play with and looks like they will hold through to the last week of March. We have been blesssed with friendly whales to caress 100% of our trips in all of February & March much to the delight of our guests! Here are some highlights.

The mothers have been very protective of their babies this season but are finally bringing them up to the pangas now…we pet this little guy!

The 2022 whale season in Laguna Ojo de Liebre has gotten off to a fantastic start! The whales arrived very late this year so things were slow in January with very few whales but these first two weeks of February have been incredible….the best whale interactions I have ever experienced in 40 years of whale watching!!! There is courtship and mating everywhere you look and the whales are in excellent shape this year…fat and happy! We dont have many calves and the moms are just starting to bring them to the pangas. We have been getting “mugged” by several whales at a time every trip and they are super friendly, delighting all our guests. See the Whale Magic Tours Facebook page for daily updates, photos and videos. Here are some highlights of the last couple weeks.

2022 has finally arrived and we are excited to play with whales starting on January 15! Many dates are already full so contact us at whalemagictours@gmail.com for available dates this season!

We cant wait to see those adorable babies!

Hi there whale fans! 2021 is drawing to a close and we are waiting to see our first migrating Gray Whales…they have been spotted in California lately! Our 2022 season is filling up fast as travel is unrestricted now and people are wanting to do things they missed last year so book as soon as you can to get the date you want!

Our 2021 season has sadly come to an end…a huge thank you to all our dedicated staff and those of you who braved a pandemic to come and play with whales. Stay tuned for the recap of this whale season!

March 28 We are in our last week of whale season now…sadly! Whales are leaving every day but we are still having great encounters. Here are the videos of the week. Our last day was a wonderful way to say hasta luego to my whale friends…I got lots of loving in! I will miss you all and wish you all a safe journey north to the feeding grounds!

March 15 The season is winding down and whales are starting to leave. WE will likely be operating till the end of March if there are still whales to see. The wind has been relentless but the friendly whale action is still non stop! Here are a couple videos of the last few days.

Feb 28/21 The whale action just keeps getting better….best i have ever seen in 30 years in the lagoon so dont miss out! Still lots of time to come down and join the fun s we head into March!

Years can go by and we don’t actually see a whale penis but the last few days we have seen several…..the whales are mating like mad to try to get their numbers back up after losing so many the last 3 years due to starvation. Here are a few examples of the Pink Floyd!

Feb 25/21 This week has been the absolute best whale encounters I have ever experienced in my 40 years of guiding whale tours. I have never experienced so many whales playing with the panga all at once! They are enjoying our love & affections as much as we are. We still have seats left on our pangas for this season so email me for reservations…don’t miss out on this amazing whale season!

FEB 18 was a spectacular day on the lagoon..mating whales everywhere, breaching, spy hopping and mugged by 8 friendly whales!


The whale experiences over the last 2 weeks has been incredible with friendly whales on every trip so far…yesterday we had 4 friendlies who just couldn’t get enough attention from us!

There are over 1,000 whales now in the lagoon but there aren’t very many babies this season but there are mating trios everywhere you look so we expect a bumper crop in 2022! Due to covid restrictions we can only take a few people at a time in the pangas, we do check temperatures before setting out, masks & sanitizing are mandatory.

Here are some highlights of the last couple weeks starting with some mother & baby interactions.

January 27th 2021 FIRST FRIENDLY WHALE!!!!

This was the first calm day all week and a mother whale took advantage to nudge her baby up to the panga to introduce her to humans! She pushed it up to the boat several times and showed the baby it was OK to receive love from us! The mother was very healthy which is a good sign she found the food she needed to survive the migration & birthing. More whales are entering the lagoon every day now!

January 21st 2021

The Whale Magic seasons opener was terrific! Our first group enjoyed a beautiful flat calm day on the lagoon where we saw dozens of whales, many cow/calf pairs and a frisky male who breached 8 times close to our panga!

The first calf we spent time with was interesting as it was opening it’s mouth all the time which is very unusual. It’s mother slept the entire half hour we spent observing them while the baby we called Barbie swam in circles around her, slid up onto her back and rested across her nose and tail. Upon looking at my photographs, I saw the reason for the odd open mouth behavior was that she had whale lice all around her lips and some kind of gum disease on both sides of her mouth which probably caused discomfort. She seemed strong and playful so she must be nursing OK. We will be monitoring her health…I hope she makes it!

Loading up for Whale Camp!

The Whale Magic Tribe are getting everything ready for our 2021 season! Despite the chaos, we are looking forward to wonderful whale encounters. With fewer boats going out, the whales are going to be even more friendly than usual!

We are Covid compliant with masks, hand washing stations, antibiotic gel and will take your temperature upon arrival.

If you have been tested or vaccinated please bring your results.

There may be some restrictions on how many people in pangas & vans but the situation is ever changing. At the moment groups that are traveling together have no limitations.

We saw two juvenile Gray whales migrating very close to shore right off my patio in Bahia Asuncion on Dec.7th! All indicators point to the migration being back on schedule & possibly even a bit early. This means hopefully whales will begin to arrive in the lagoon later this month.

The whale watching season officially begins Dec.15th but pangas don’t start operating until there are several whales inside the lagoon to watch.

Now in mid December we are seeing Gray whales migrating nearly every day so they are on their way down!