DSCN3514Gazing into the eye of a whale is a humbling, life changing encounter you will never forget!

Naturalist guide Shari Bondy and her crew invite you to experience the magic with them in the gray whale calving lagoon near Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The magic begins when an intimate group of whale enthusiasts step into the panga and set out to make friends with the gentle giants and their babies. You will not only see great numbers of gray whales up close and personal, but also learn their story…what they are doing as well as the history and ecology of the world’s largest calving lagoon Ojo de LIebre. Every trip is unique and different depending on the time of year, weather and mood of the whales.

There can be up to 2,000 mothers and babies in the lagoon at the peak of the season after mid February. The gray whales are birthingDSC02951 & mating in January, nursing and raising their calves & preparing them for the long migration north throughout February & March making it by far the best whale watching area in the world.

It is fascinating to respectfully observe whales in their natural habitat, going about their daily routines, teaching their calves about boats & interacting with humans. We name and recognize many whales from years past by taking identification photographs & recording other data to share with researchers.

After 25 years of guiding & studying whales in both British Columbia, Canada & Baja California Sur,P3180068 Mexico,  my daughter Sirena & I have seen and experienced things most people only dream about. Over the years and thousands of hours on the water among the whales, we have learned first hand about their life and witnessed countless extraordinary encounters between humans & whales, many of which I would find hard to believe if I hadn’t been there myself!   It is with great pleasure we share these tales and whale knowledge with our guests on our personally guided trips.

scan0002-001Lagoon magic is very real to me as my daughter Sirena, (which means mermaid in Spanish), was conceived and raised on the shores of the mystical lagoon with the sound of thousands of breathing whales in the background. She grew up in the company of whales and has become a magnificent guide in her own right!

So if you wish have a unique, educational, intimate whale experience, contact me for available dates and let us share the Whale Magic with you!

For more info & Reservations call       

Mex# 615-160-0289 or 615-155-7197(dialing from USA 011-52 & the number)

USA#   619-906-8438 (internet phone so not always working)

EMAIL US AT      whalemagictours@gmail.com

20 thoughts on “WHALE MAGIC

  1. Hello Shari,

    I met you on Feb. 14th , 2015 at the lagoon. I was not on your tour but I spoke to you after seeing the whales. You said you might have some photos of our group with the whales, since your tour and the boat I was on had “shared” a whale. Your tour group clapped after my 5 year old daughter, Paloma, was able to touch the whale. It would mean so much to me if I could get any photos of us that you might have taken, and I would pay you for them. This was the our first time there and in all the excitement I put down my camera to just savor the moment with the whales, but now I don’t have any pictures of my daughter touching the calves.

    Hope your tour season with the whales has been successful

    Lorena Jarumayan

  2. Hello

    I work for a television production company in the UK called Tigress Productions and we are making a documentary for Discovery about the scavenging of sharks on dead whales.

    We are working with The Whale Museum of La Paz and Mexican shark scientist, Dr. Mauricio Hoyos to make this project happen.
    Using their research permits we have permission to take a whale carcass when one strands and freeze it until we start filming, when we will then take it back out to sea. Mauricio and an American scientist will then be observing the different shark species that come to feed on the carcass and their different behaviours. We will have top underwater cameramen and cameras filming this whole event properly for the first time and will be attaching satellite tags to several sharks.

    However the first step is to obtain a freshly stranded whale carcass so I’m hoping you could alert us if you, or any of your colleagues see one when you are out on your boats.
    We prefer it not to be decomposed, and we will come and collect it and move it off the beach/ out of the water as soon as possible.

    PROFEPA are aware of our research project and we will have all the correct permits in place.

    If you see of or hear of any whale carcasses please could you contact me and our contact in Baja, Scott Carnahan.

    Scott: scott@bajayacht.com +52.1.612.159.0474
    Gemma: gemmagreene@tigressproductions.co.uk

    The documentary will be part of Discovery’s Shark Week this summer so will get a huge audience, we would hope to come and film the whale being taken away and do some local interviews there.

    I’d really appreciate your help with this and if you have any questions please let me know.

    Best wishes

  3. SHARI!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Cal’s daughter from Tofino! aka Julie! But mostly Jewels.
    I just found your site…old friends were talking about you last summer in tofino and current friends had just been down to La Paz and I thought…where is Shari and Sirena???

    do you remember me?
    Nora and Cal’s daughter…my sister is Sara.
    We grew up on Chesterman’s Beach, near the Reves.
    I used to work at the Whale Center for Richard.
    Sirena was 3 or so?
    Then you guys moved away and here we are!

    My boyfriend Morgan and I want to go to La Paz area, and kite board in La Ventanas and check it all out! Would LOVE to see you both and catch up!

    I just watched your Whale watching video…it was great to see the whales and you and Sirena!

    I have 2 kids, Kira Serena, and Hayden Blaze. They are 8 and 9. We live in a resort town in Montana south of Fernie, called Whitefish.

    It’s great to be in touch! Email me back and hopefully plan a visit soon!
    lots of love
    Jewels xoxoo

    • Great to hear from you Jewels and of course I remember you…all…how could I forget the good old days in Tofino! I miss you all very much and surely would love to see you and your new family when you come to Baja. So please DO stop in and stay a few days with us. My email is sharibondy@gmail.com
      I am just heading to Ensenada to help Sirena have another baby this week!!! REally look forward to seeing you again…please give my love to your family too! Hope Kal is well!

  4. Hi Shari, my husband and I went on your whale watching boat 2 years ago, what a magical time. You may find this a strange question, but we are wanting to come back to Baja and maybe stay for a month or two. You mentioned that you had a motel somewhere to the south. I was trying to get an idea of prices for a month. Or if you know of any caretaking jobs we might apply for. Would like to be there sometime during the time the whales are there. A life long dream would be to live by the ocean long enough to decide if we wanted to move there. I appreciate anything you could tell me on this as I know you are well acquainted with the area. Maybe a work exchange, I can clean rooms. Thanks again, Peggy

  5. Shari,
    Looking at your 2015 videos and I’m right back on that boat with you and the rest. I can’t wait to see 2016 March.
    I hope you are doing well. I’m so glad we squeezed in at the end of your season.
    Amazing, Breath Taking, Sacred.

    Thank you

  6. Hi Shari,
    Any idea when the March 2016, your last two trips will be up ? Carrie’s birthday is coming up and I’d love to show her our trip.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.


    • oh my….my computer melted and the files with it….i am struggling to find them and put another video together..I cant believe it…it was the best video of the season!!!

  7. Please let me know the price for 2 nights 2 days and flying in from San Diego. 4 people. Also how long will the whales be around before migration.

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  9. Hello! Charlie Wilson here. I have been trying to contact you about arranging a trip. Our daughter has called you but we have to been able to set anything up. We plan to drive to GN tomorrow from B. de la los angeles… probably arriving mid morning. Hoping to get you to take us out to see whales that afternoon or the next (Thursday) morning. I am able to receive txt’s from some sources in our small internet site here. My phone number is 307-330-4635 it is a usa number…

  10. We will be driving through Guerrero Negro on our way to Loretto, and hope to stay a few nights at one of the local hotels that we have stayed in before.
    Can we go on a few day trips while we are there and we will need to organize dates to make sure we are able to go out on one of your boats for whale watching. Many thanks,

  11. I love Shari, Serena.. Mr “Z”, the whole crew is fantastic! The best Whale experience, without a doubt! We have family from Kentucky coming for the next trip. They travel worldwide, but after seeing our trip with Shari, they put this on the front burner for next year!

  12. My wife and I would like to whale watch with you on Saturday, March 14th. What do I need to do to secure a reservation for two?


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